Finding Juvenile Literature Through the SCHOLAR Catalog

Maintained by Kathy Dobda.

Juvenile literature is accessible through the SCHOLAR catalog by way of the usual search methods, including title, author, subject, and keyword searching.

Keyword Searching

To find books by theme or about subjects, the best option is to perform a keyword search.

  1. Access SCHOLAR Catalog
  2. Select Keyword search
  3. Enter juvcol in search box first, followed by the word and and your keyword.
  4. Examples:
    • juvcol and holiday* (place an asterisk at the end of the word to expand search to include plurals or alternate endings to a word. Law* retrieves law, lawyer, lawyers, etc.)
    • juvcol and alphabet
    • juvcol and play
    • juvcol and magic

Important note: If you enter a term that does not retrieve any juvenile books you will be provided a list of all other non-juvenile items that have that term in subject headings or title. The message at the top of the search results will indicate whether or not juvenile books were retrieved.

A successful search looks like this:

A screenshot of a successful search

An unsuccessful search looks like this:

An example of an unsuccessful search

Subject Searching

Subject searching is less flexible than keyword searching. You must enter the words exactly as they appear in the SCHOLAR record. Listed below are some useful subject headings for locating juvenile fiction:

  • African-Americans-juvenile literature
  • children's plays
  • children's poetry
  • children's stories
  • English language-alphabet-juvenile literature
  • fairy tales
  • folklore
  • friendship-juvenile fiction
  • identity-juvenile fiction
  • orphans-juvenile fiction
  • picture books for children
  • stories in rhyme
  • vocabulary-juvenile literature

Other Hints

To perform an author search, enter search as last name, at least first letter of first name (Sachar, Louis; Rowling, J)