Finding Background Information, Reviews, & Criticism of Children's Literature

Maintained by Kathy Dobda.

Sources listed below are located in the Library reference area on the first floor, unless noted otherwise.

Biographical Resources

Source Location Source Title
PN497 .A97 1990 Authors of Books for Young People
Z1037 .R63 1999 Black Authors and Illustrators of Books for Children and Young Adults
PN451 .S6 1971- Something about the Author
163+ volume set, providing biographical essays on children's and young adult writers, poets, and illustrators. Entries include author's list of awards, works, and critical works about the author.
PN451 .S62 1986 Something about the Author. Auobiography Series
Similar to Something About the Author, except this series provides autobiographical essays on children's authors and illustrators.
PN1009.A1 T9 1999 St. James guide to children's writers
Z1232 .S7 1999 St. James guide to young adult writers
PN1009.A1 W73 1987 Writers for Children
Critical essays about 84 deceased authors and their works.
PN451 .Y4 v. 1-2 Yesterday's Authors of Books for Children
Biographical entries, including a list of works, of over 2500 authors who died before 1961.

History and Criticism

Source Location Source Title
Z1037.A1 J78 1997
MMC 3rd FL.
Characters in Children's Literature
Z1037.A1 G47 1997
MMC 3rd FL.
Characters in Young Adult Literature
Z2014.5 .H46 1987 Children's Literature: A Guide to the Criticism
Online Children's Literature: a Guide to Information Sources
PN1009.A1 C5139
MMC Desk 3rd FL.
Children's Literature Review
110+ volume set, providing excerpts from reviews and criticism of children's literature.
PS374.C454 H45 1985 Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1859-1959: Books of Recognized Merit
PS374.C454 H45 1986 Dictionary of American Children's Fiction, 1960-1984: Recent Books of Recognized Merit
PN1008.5 .I57 1996 International Companion Encyclopedia of Children's Literature
PN1008.5 .C37 1984 Oxford Companion to Children's Literature
Z1037.A1 R46 1995 Research & Professional Resources in Children's Literature: Piecing a Patchwork Quilt

Periodical Indexes (for book reviews and criticism)

Source Location Source Title
Online Book Review Digest 1983-
Z1037.A1 C475
4th fl. Indexes
Children's Book Review Index 1965-1994
Annual index to book reviews of children's literature. Library has only 1965-1994.
Online Education Research Complete
Online ERIC
Online Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe
Search under "General News Topics" in the Major Newspapers or All Magazines. Type your title as KEYWORD and ADDITIONAL TERMS as "Book Review".

Magazines and Newspapers with Reviews

The following magazines provide reviews and recommendations of new children's literature. Current issues and bound volumes of older issues are shelved together alphabetically on the fourth floor.

  • The Horn Book Magazine 1990-
    This semimonthly publication is devoted to children's literature, reviewing about 100 books in each issue.
  • Lion and the Unicorn: A Critical Journal of Children's Literature
    Each issue focuses on a particular theme or genre. Includes articles, interviews, and book reviews on that topic.
  • The New York Times Book Review 1980-
    Children's book reviews found weekly in the "For Younger Readers" column. Each November and December numerous lists of outstanding children's books are provided.
  • Publisher's Weekly 1997-
    Each issue has a section of children's book reviews with recommended age group. Two monthly issues, Spring and Fall, devoted to children's literature.
  • Reading Teacher 1990-
    The October issue includes an extensive annotated bibliography of selected children's books from the previous year, organized by age group.
  • School Library Journal 1974-
    September through May issues review approximately 200 books.
  • Young Children 1944-
    Children's book reviews in each issue.