Book Reviews: Getting Started

Book reviews are short critiques of books which are generally published in periodical literature. They may also be found in anthologies of book reviews and essays.

To find the review of a book, it is necessary to know the author, title, and original date of publication. This information can be found in bibliographies of the author's work, in the Michael Schwartz Library Catalog, in OhioLINK, WorldCat, Books in Print, or the Cumulative Book Index.

For help using a specific database, refer to the online information and help screens, or ask a reference librarian for assistance.

Searching: In general, search for book reviews by selecting a keyword or WORDS search option. Then type the book title as keywords. If this results in too many hits, try typing the words "review" or "reviews" along with your title. Furthermore, try adding the author's name to your keyword search, especially if the words in your title are common. Finally, if you know the copyright date, limit your search to nearby publication years. Remember that reviews may be written a year or two before or after a book is published.

Indexes: To find a complete list of indexes of book reviews that are owned by or accessible in the Library, do a "subject" search in the Michael Schwartz Library Catalog for "Books -- Reviews". To find a list of collections of book reviews within a specific subject, do a "keyword" search in the Catalog for "[Keyword] and book reviews".