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IVDL Classroom Technology Enhancement

A View of an technologically enhanced classroom

Cleveland State University is upgrading all the synchronous distance learning classroom technology both on and off campus. An incredible amount of testing, surveys, and engineering goes into designing and building a reliable and user friendly distance learning system. In the past, when a classroom technology role of of this size was purposed, multiple vendors were hired to build the system. This has proven to be a mistake as no one classroom system operates the same as another classroom's technology.

By working hand-in-hand with the IVDL Technology Committee , Cleveland State University staff are at the heart of building, integrating and maintaining the new IP technology. In the end, building a cost-effective, user-friendly student and instructor synchronous distance learning system is what we hope to achieve.

For more information regarding IVDL, contact:

Bruce Jeppesen, Director
(216) 687-2364