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IMSS personnel maintain the newest technologies for bridging distance learning classrooms together. This technology typically comes together in a location called a “Control Hub”, “DEMARC” or “Head End Area”. Typically these separate locations play different technological rolls.

Since the IVDL personnel at Cleveland State University completed installing the latest Head End technology, these two to three locations were combined into one complete system. The physical size of these devices has continued to shrink over the last 10 years and is now small enough to fit in a small air-conditioned room. This room, located in Rhodes Tower 705, was also fitted for the new Head End application with new paint, networking, and AC power requirements.

With the completion of the Head End upgrade, from this one location technicians are now able to observe and correct problems with connection and hardware before and during ongoing distance learning classes and are also able to lend online assistance to instructors in a timely manner. Additionally, the “CSU Head End Area” is also the point where the Technology Enhanced Classrooms technology information is processed and any assistance that is needed can be given.

Link to Wave FileListen to the Voice of the CSU Head End Speak.

For more information regarding IVDL, contact:

Bruce Jeppesen, Director
(216) 687-2364