Integrated Media Systems & Services

Video Conference Pricing

VIP Video Conference Suite Rhodes Tower Rm 708 (Seats up to four persons.)
In State Calls Academic Non-Academic
Set-up Fee $100.00 $150.00
Per hour Room Charge** $50.00 $75.00
ISDN 768k per minute ***$1.20 $2.50
ISDN 384k per minute ***$.60 $1.25
ISDN 128k per minute ***$.30 $1.00
H.323 per minute $0.00 $.50 per minute after the first hour

All academic credit classes are funded through the Provost’s office.
** Billed in ½ hour increments. One-hour minimum.
*** Charges from ISDN provider.
**** These charges are for in-state connections.
Events that connect out-of-state may incur additional charges.

*New CSU Graduates and seniors may use the VIP Video Conference System to schedule calls with prospective employers up to 3 times without incurring charges.

For more information regarding IVDL, contact:

Bruce Jeppesen, Director
(216) 687-2364