Ingenta Article Delivery Service

Ingenta is a document delivery service that provides access to more than 19 million articles from over 29,000 publications. Requested articles are either faxed or sent to the desktop as full-text.

All CSU students, faculty and staff may access Ingenta from a CSU-recognized computer. Ingenta will provide the online version of many journals that CSU subscribes to in print. These and various other articles are available free of charge. If you find an article that requires payment, you may use a personal credit card.

Deposit Accounts

Registered CSU faculty and graduate students may use a deposit account set up by the Library to pay for articles that are not free of charge. To establish an account, contact Barbara Gauthier at (216) 687-3519. She will create an account and provide the User name and Password.

Searching on Ingenta

There are three search options. Selecting

  • Electronic content will search the article titles, keywords and abstracts of all articles that are available electronically.
  • Fax/Ariel content will search the article titles, keywords and abstracts of all articles that are not available electronically but can be delivered to you by fax or Ariel.
  • Journal or Book title will search the titles of the publications only, not the articles within the publications.

For more help click on the "Page Help" link on the Ingenta homepage.

Ordering an Article

A notation at the bottom of each record in your search results will tell you whether the article is available to be veiwed as full text on your computer screen or whether you will have to purchase the article and how much the article costs.

For registered faculty, the department you are affiliated with at CSU will appear. Click on Proceed to Checkout. The next screen shows the fax numbers where the document will be sent. Type in the requested account password. You will receive an email confirmation of the order. Most orders are faxed within 48 hours.

Contact Person

For assistance in registering, setting up an account, the ordering procedure, or searching, contact: Barbara Gauthier at (216) 687-3519.